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Factory Security

The aggressors use to destroy the factories/workshops, the ingredients/things for industrial used and store depot by the way of explosions, stealing and attacking. To protect from these kinds of situation, our skillful and well-trained SWSS Company’s security guards serve as follow-

  (1)  Assigning the security duty with skillful security staffs.

  (2)  Giving the advices to make the fence safe.

  (3)  Supervising the In/Out (entrances/exits).

  (4)  Lighting not to be able to approached by aggressors at night.

  (5)  Specifying the limited area.

  (6)  Suggesting the precautions for fire disaster.

  (7)  Protecting not to happen the damage of machines, bothering of cutting the electricity out.

  (8)  Checking and protecting not to have explosions.

  (9)  Identifying and preventing the simulators who make to happen the demonstration by the factory staffs.

(10)  Protecting and banning the secrets of factory by the security technologies systematically not to be stolen and spread out.

(11)  Supervising recently by the officials of SWSS Company not to have the weaknesses at security services.

(12)  Setting up the CCTV.

Factory Security