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Site Security

To be safe in progress, not to lose the constructional equipments/things in sites, not to be suffered by the natural disaster including fire cases in your construction, SWSS Company gives service for them as follow -

  (1)  Taking charge the security duties for (24) hours for the whole site.

  (2)  Assisting the Safety Admin for the safe in working progress.

  (3)  Verifying the workers’ In/Out order and registering it.

  (4)  Verifying the vehicles’ (trucks’/cars’) In/Out order and registering it.

  (5)  Supervising the site equipment not to be able to bring inside or take them outside.

  (6)  Suggesting about the security lighting system for nighttime.

  (7)  Managing and suggesting not to happen fire cases.

  (8)  Suggesting the ways to protect the natural disaster by the studying in advance about the site.

  (9)  Setting up the CCTV.